Friday, September 11, 2009

Invitation to September 13th Grand Opening

You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of Shoshana Epsilon's Beloved Guest Gallery!

What: Grand Opening

Where: Beloved Guest Gallery. SLURL:

When: Sunday, Sept 13th, 11am SLT

Who: Filthy Fluno, DeeDee Deepdene, TommyLee Nightfire, vroun Short

How: Formal dress encouraged, not required.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Steiger Happenings

Welcome to my newest blog, where I talk about what is happening at the multiple galleries in the Second Life sim of Steiger.

The oldest gallery is the Epsilon Museum of Second Life Photography. It houses my SL Photography from the last 4 years. With four wings, and a conversation set on the first and second floors, it is a nice place to hang out and see the art.

The second oldest gallery is the Steiger Art Maze. Built by Jamie Marlin, it is a fun place to get lost. Come see more art, mostly portraits. Don't cheat! (This is a no-fly zone.)

The third gallery is the Epsilon SL4B Gallery. This is a duplicate of the display I had at Second Life's forth Birthday event. The pictures here represent a single year's work. The pictures fade and display as you look around, so stay a while to see them all.

The fourth gallery is the Epsilon Gallery for New Artists. This space is for people who have been in SL for less than a year, or who are new to Second Life. The art is primarily flat (2D art) with a large variety of techniques and styles.

The newest gallery, opening next Sunday, is the Beloved Guest Gallery. This gallery will host four or five top-notch artists every month. One will be a sculptor, one or two will be SL photographers, and one or two will be RL artists.

As the exhibits change, I'll put information here, letting everyone know what is happening. Have fun, and be creative, people! Enjoy all your lives.

-- Shoshana Epsilon